Croatia Adventure Week


Day 1:    Airport Split – Šestanovac
Transfer from the airport to village Šestanovac. The accommodation in the vicinity of Šestanovac is designed for 20 persons and has air conditioned rooms, an outdoor and indoor dining room, a kitchen, a living room, a grill, a swimming pool and a large terrace.
Included meals: Welcome Dinner

Day 2:    Hiking
The morning begins with a short drive to canyon of Cetina River, from where we will observe the deepest point of canyon and highest waterfall in Dalmatia, called Velika  Gubavica (55 meters). After that we continue the walk through the field and dry part of canyon until we reach the viewpoint on mountains, sea and islands. The trail takes us along the old walking pathways which local inhabitants used as the only connection with the sea. We will also visit an old abandoned village and get to know with former way of life in this area. The guide will inform you about the history of the surrounding area and about activities that are waiting for you.
Included meals: Breakfast; Picnic lunch

Day 3:   Šestanovac – Čikotina lađa,   Rafting
Today is the day when you truly experience the Cetina river by going down in dinghies through the unique landscape created by the river, surrounded by cliffs and luxuriant vegetation. After taking your equipment and listening to the guide’s instructions you will get into your dinghies and master the rapids of the second and the third degree on your way to the village Blato na Cetini. Rapids and calm parts of the river take turns during the three-hour adventure. After we take our wet clothes
off, we will have a barbecue on the meadow by the river.
Included meals: Breakfast; Barbecue lunch

Day 4:  Free day or optional tours: trip to Omiš or Rock climbing
Climbing a real rock near Šestanovac for the experienced ones or a climbing school for those without experience. Beside climbing, you can choose a trip to the old pirate port Omiš, a small town situated at the mouth of Cetina river with an ancient fort still rising above it. Beside the historical sights, there are many bars and restaurants in Omiš, as well as a big sandy beach.
Included meals: Breakfast; Dinner

Day 5:   Šestanovac – Zadvarje, Canyoning
We are back on Cetina river. The most inaccessible, but also the most beautiful part of the river canyon is near the village Zadvarje, not far from Šestanovac. After we descend into the 170m deep canyon, we will swim, walk and visit the 55 meters high waterfall called Gubavica. We will go down the river accompanied by the roar of the water which formed its bed through thousands of years, creating waterfalls and crystal clear lakes where we swim. After the trip the lunch is organized in the local tavern.
Included meals: Breakfast; Lunch

Day 6:   Free day or optional tour: Canoe safari at Vrljika river and visit to Imotski lakes
Today you have a unique opportunity to visit two extraordinary lakes in Imotski (40 km north from Šestanovac), the Red lake (below the sea level) and the Blue lake. After that you can enjoy an easy paddling through the calm sections of Vrljika river and its green surroundings. When the adventure ends, the lunch will be organized in the local tavern.
Included meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 7:   Šestanovac – Brela,  Sea kayaking
In the morning we go to Brela, a small town on Makarska riviera. After you get your equipment and hop into your kayaks, we will paddle to the beach known as Vrulja. Vrulja is famous for its underground river spring which flows from the mountain Biokovo to the sea. We will visit the spring and the nearby caves and then go to the beach where we can swim and snorkel.
Included meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 8:   Šestanovac – Airport Split
Transfer from Šestanovac to the airport.
Included meals: Breakfast