Rafting on Cetina River

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    Rafting is a discipline specially designed for the adventurers. It requires physical strength, strong willpower and swimming skills to raft down the foaming wild river. By obeying skipper's instructions on how, when and how hard you need to paddle, or when do you have to throw yourself at the raft and hold tight, you will experience an adventure tour that will stay in your memory for long time...

Tour includes:
  - dinghy for rafting
  - paddles
  - long neoprene pants,jackets and socks
  - helmets
  - life jackets
  - insurance
  - instructors/guides

Recommendation: swimsuit and towel

Starts from: Blato na Cetini / Čikotina lađa

Departure times: between 10 and 11 AM, departure can also be scheduled in afternoon hours.

Pick up time in SPLIT: 8 30 AM at RIVA (in front of caffe bar Dolcevita)

Price: 220 Kn (30 €) / person

Price of transfer: 100 Kn (15 €)/person - both directions

Duration: 3-4 h

Payment: cash


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