Biking & wine tasting in Konavle (Dubrovnik)

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    The excursion starts at the village Gruda in Konavle. We take our bikes to the small village roads that run across the lively Konavle region. The trail takes us through orchards, corn fields, vineyards, blueberry fields… We also cross the bridges of Ljuta and Konavočica rivers.
    Occasional short breaks are made for getting acquainted with the historical and natural characteristics of the Konavle region (visit to Franciscan monastery, old mills in Ljuta village). During our breaks we will refresh ourselves with fruit and water. Taking small village roads, we return to Gruda at Dubrovnik wine cellars, where guests can  taste and buy famous wines produced from local grapes.

Tour includes:
  - Gary Fisher bicycle
  - helmet
  - instructors/guides
  - fruit & water
  - glass of wine
  - insurance

Recommendation: wear sports clothes and sport shoes

Starts from: village Gruda  in Konavle valley

Departure times:  mornings and afternoons (according to agreement and booking)

Pick up time in Dubrovnik:  30 minutes before departure time

Price: 250 Kn (36 €) / person

Duration: 2.5 - 3 h

Price of transfer: 100 Kn (15 €) / person - both directions

Payment: cash

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