Sea kayaking Trogir

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    This half day kayaking tour starts at the old watermill Pantana near the town of Trogir. You will paddle along the river Pantana through the reed canals until the sand lagoon from where the sea route will take you in direction of the town of Trogir.
Trogir is completely surrounded by the sea, which enables us to make a full circle around it and sightseeing the town from kayak. On our way back to Pantana, in summer months, we will make a swimming and coffee break at the beach. There is also a restaurant in the watermill itself, where you can have a drink or lunch.

Tour includes: 
  - kayaking & snorkeling gear
  - waterproof barrels for personal things (clothes, cameras, towels, handbags etc.)
  - instructors/guides
  - insurance

Recommendation: wear swimsuit and T-shirt, use lot of sunscreen, bring a hat, towel and sun glasses. After the tour is over we recommend you lunch or dinner at Pantana Mill

Starts from: Mill Pantana - 2 km from Trogir in direction towards Split

Departure times:  mornings and afternoons (according to agreement and booking)

Price: 220 Kn (32 €) / person

Duration: 2.5 - 3 h

Payment: cash

No previous kayaking experience is necessary.


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