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About us

    In May of year 2000 members of the Spirit association organized the first adventure race in Croatia, thus inspiring many outdoor adventures that took place later on across the whole country. The adventure race was named Cro challenge. The organization of the Cro challenge adventure races in Dalmatia gave us an opportunity to gain experience essential to organize and develop the offer of touristic adventure activities. Laps and routes of the race were changed every year what opened possibilty for the contestants to pass through more than 70 Dalmatian towns and villages up to this day, combining different outdoor sport disciplines during the race.
Numerous multi day adventure programs and one-day activities offered by the Adventure Dalmatia agency today, are developed directly from the Cro challenge races. The Cro challenge race has been taking place continuously for seven years and up to this day it has been organized 14 times. The race was sponsored by the best-known companies in the world such as: LG Electronics, Sector Sport Watches, T-Mobile, Sprite, Snickers, Corny.
The founders and the employees of the Adventure Dalmatia travel agency are the members of the Spirit association, who made the most out of their knowledge and experience, acquired through the organization of adventure races, to create agency specialized for adventure tourism in Croatia.

Adventure Dalmatia agency promotes viable development of tourism trying to balance the economic growth, trends in tourism and environmental protection through its business decisions. Our desire to create commercial adventure activities in cooperation with local communities has enabled the creation of new products, the protection of environment and has enriched the offer of Croatia in the segment of adventure tourism, a segment that is becoming very popular today.
    Changes in tourism trends on the global world market and increasing interest for active holidays, encouraged us to create and develop a diverse offer of adventure activities in the whole Dalmatia. The quality of adventure programs in our offer is based on diversity, long experience and attractiveness of the natural setting in which these activities are being carried out.
In the indented coast, karst rivers and mountains we have seen a possibility to create an attractive and unique offer similar to those in almost every country of the European Union. Beside the intact natural setting, our programs will give you an opportunity to experience the adventure within the centuries-old Dalmatian towns.

    Today, Adventure Dalmatia agency is the most important agency specialized in the organization of multi day adventures and one-day adventure activites in Dalmatia-southern Croatia.